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Gallery Update and New Layout!
POSTED BY LAURA on Mar 22, 2013

Hello Brooke fans! I have updated the site with an all new layout. I hope you like it! Wanted to go for a spring/summer look! In addition, I have added some new photos. Last weekend, Brooke competed at the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge competition. She did her very first solo and received 1st overall! Way to go Brooke! I added some photos from her solo to the site. Also, thanks to Jenna I have some photos of a test shoot Brooke did with Andrew Reilly last year. The shots are so fun! Be sure to check out all the new pics!

Jessica Simpson Girls Behind the Scenes!
POSTED BY LAURA on Feb 19, 2013

There’s an adorable video of Brooke and her friend Aiden modeling for Jessica Simpson Girls! The video is so cute and the girls look so stylish! Looks like such a fun shoot!

Barbie Commercial!
POSTED BY LAURA on Dec 22, 2012

Brooke recently shot a commercial for Barbie with her friend Kaylyn! I have some adorable behind the scenes photos plus the commercial itself. It looks great and it also looks like everyone had so much fun! Way to go Brooke!

Gallery Update!
POSTED BY LAURA on Dec 16, 2012

Hello Brooke fans! We have a big gallery update today! We have some images from Brooke modeling for Target, Garnet Hill, Lands End, and Disguise Costumes! They are all adorable- great work Brooke! We also have some behind the scenes images of Brooke on set of Land’s End and and Jessica Simpson’s Tween Line. Brooke even got to meet Ashlee Simpson!

More Garnet Hill, Spirit Costumes, and Lands End!
POSTED BY LAURA on Aug 12, 2012

Brooke has been so busy with modeling and we have a ton of new adorable photos to share! We have found a couple more images of Brooke modeling for Garnet Hill and they are all beautiful- looks like her and the other models had a blast! We also have a new image from Lands End and some images from Brooke modeling for Spirit Costumes. Just in time for Halloween- only a few more months!