5 Rapidly Growing Jobs For The Future!

Finding work can be tough. It’s hard enough finding a job, but you also want a job that’s secure for the foreseeable future. In this ever-changing world, it’s important to know which jobs are on the rise and offer the brightest future. Here are five jobs that will be rapidly growing in the next few years.

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  • Physical Therapists



Until we all get consumed by the machines and turn into robots, physical therapists will remain essential to our society. At some point throughout the course of a year, you or someone you know, will have some form of physical ailment. It’s one of those unavoidable life things. Sometimes we slip and twist our ankle, sometimes we sleep wrong and wake up with a dodgy neck. Whatever the reason, no matter how hard we try,  we always end up hurting ourselves.   Physical Therapists are there to help us recover from these injuries, and prevent them from happening again. It’s a popular profession. Naturally you need to relevant qualifications to become a physical therapist, so if you’re willing to study then it can be well worth your time.


  • Network   Engineers/Technicians


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In today’s modernised world, you’ll be hard placed to find a more profitable career than a network engineer. There are many other titles for this role, but the job description revolves around the same concept. Network engineers work on website maintenance and planning. There’re a lot of designs involved, and you’ll need to be fully qualified. There are ways to increase your employment chances by taking online courses

like this one: http://www.simplilearn.com/it-hardware-and-networking/ccnp-training. This training course will provide you with a sought after qualification in CCNP routing and switching. Which is widely recognised and respected amongst network engineers.



  • Customer Service Representatives



There’s one thing that technology will struggle to replace and that is customer service. Unless a company as some Iron Man level AI running customer service, they’ll need a human. When we ring somewhere with a problem or query, we like to talk to a fellow human being. Think of the many, many major companies over the world. From mobile phone networks to gas companies. All of them need customer service representatives. It’s a role that requires no qualifications so can be easier to get into.




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  • Undertakers



It may not be the job everyone dreams of doing, but it is one of the most secure jobs. It’s nearly impossible to predict the future, but one thing that remains a constant throughout the ages is death. Yes, it’s not the nicest working environment. But, if you’re looking for a job that you know will be around in the future, then this is one of the best bets.


  • Home Carer



Again, not the most exciting of jobs, but perhaps one of the most rewarding. Like with physical therapists and undertakers, home carers are pretty much assured of jobs for the future. Sadly, one of the things that will always remain is that there will be someone, somewhere who needs caring. Whatever the reason, sometimes people need someone in their home to take care of things. This could be helping them move between rooms, making them dinner, or looking after them. It’s not as flashy as job as some, but it’s definitely for those with a big heart. Hey, if you can help others and get paid, then why not?


These five jobs are some of the most secure for the future. So if you’re in that stage of your life where you’re thinking of a career path then consider one of these. If you’re having trouble finding a job that interests you then click here for some advice.